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We are all Sundream people, We run for dream -Huizhou Journey
Number of visits:11 Date of publication:2019年05月22日 15:55:14
In order to enhance staff team consciousness, let employees in the work to relax, enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, the company specially organized a journey for Huizhou. This activity not only enrich the spare life of employees, enhance the communication between the departments cooperation, more let SUNDREAM this family more harmonious, and thus enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, better to fully demonstrate the company's team spirit, let us at a higher enthusiasm into future work.

SUNDRAM on the electronic of elite luxury bus to huizhou, began a two-day trip to huizhou. Set out at eight o 'clock in the morning on time, we are laughing all the way, at this time, everyone were particularly relaxed, from various aspects can feel the company to give the benefits, brought great joy to everybody!

Although because of traffic jam after 6 hours to get to the destination, everybody enthusiasm unabated. Afternoon arrived in the xunliao bay everyone can't wait to run to the beach, witnessed the beautiful scenery of the xunliao bay. Colleagues to chase on the beach, close to the sea, pick up shells, some drawing in the sand with his finger, some running on the beach, some bubble in the water...Joy.

The night, the light burning stove, creamy chicken wings, lovely steamed bread, faint scent of leek, fat, sweet corn eggplant, in succession, wah, is really let a person look, I don't know is good for you to eat first.We drank the playing, eating at this time only hear the sound waves on the beach with our laughter.

The next morning on the beach, we held a tug of war, fierce battle! Look!This is our SUNDREAM good team spirit!

Happy time always have a special fast, at the end of the sea, the beach left our footprints left our laughter, but the good memories and happy mood was brought back, but will also delay the...
The final event is YouHuiZhou west lake, pavilions, surrounded by green water, beautiful scenery let people linger.

We finished the journey in the giddy mood, we will in the next work in a more full of spirit into it, to serve our customers better. Believe in our joint efforts, the company after the business is thriving ~ like this fire