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Model No.: H306 Thermostat Shower Controller(6water outlets)
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1. shower controller with 6water outlets.
2. with Bluetooth music
3. TEMP adjustable range: 25-45℃(77-113F)
4. Precise TEMP within ±1℃
5. TEMP Memory Function
6. Water flow adjust: level 1-8.
7. Suitable water TEMP: cold water 4-29℃, hot water 30-85℃ (highest 100℃)
8. water pressure: 0.05-0.6MPa.
9. Chroma light(DC12V/10watt; change light color automatically)
10. Overheat protection(over 49C or 120F, water stop in 3seconds)
11. working time setting:1-60mins.                                                        12. with two speaker(8Ω/5W)
Real product picture:
Operation Instruction
1. logo position    11. body jet       21.setting       31.volume increase
2.chroma light  12.bluetooth/flow screen  22. Cold water  32. Shower pause
3.right shower  13.top shower      23. Fahrenheit
4.increase key     14.working time display     24. Left shower
5. top shower icon    15.cold water         25.Celsius
6.decrease key       16.power on/off       26.bluetooth icon
7.head shower icon     17.left spray icon     27.right shower
8.chroma light icon      18.body jet icon      28.water flow icon
9.Top shower-rain shower  19.bluetooth music  29.hand shower
10.Water TEMP display    20.hand shower icon   30.minute icon