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SJ-F104 water mixer
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SJ-F104 water mixer


1. CE & RoHS approved
2. Using for basin faucet and shower
3. TEMP adjust: 29-48℃
4. Precise TEMP within ±1℃
5. TEMP Memory Function
6. Suitable water TEMP: cold water 4-29℃, hot water 30-85℃ (highest 100℃)
7. water pressure: 0.05-0.6MPa. 
8. OLED display and touch control
9. 12V power supply
10. Overheat protection



* Can use for any faucet, application widely

* The science and humanization design

* LCD display, touch control temp

* Intelligent thermostat water temp, the temp different is within ±1°C

* Built-in battery, battery/external power source supply power

* Application: all sorts of faucets in family and hotel.

* Whole sealing design, prevent water backflow, great performance in different situation.