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SJ-F600T new touch screen digital temperature control water faucet
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SJ-F600T new touch screen digital temperature control water faucet with CE approved

SJ-F600T is new smart digital thermostatic tap. it can be power on/off by hand sweeping or by touching. set  water TEMP & water flow  on touch keypad. 12V power supply water mixer and DC5V keypad  is safe for human body. power supply  by external adapter. when local electriciy shut off, battery inside water mixer box back up.



Standby Power: 1.4W Waterproof Grade: IPX5 Temperature precise: 1 Celsius
Operating Power: 3.2W Apply Pressure: 0.05~0.6 Mpa Thermostat speed: 1 Second
Complete set including Control panel+ control box + power supply
Voltage  DC220V

Family, hotel’s basin faucet 

Water temp adjust range   29-48℃(with cold water and hot water function)
Water supply temp range  Cold water 4-29 ℃ hot water 30-85℃(maximum 100℃)
Water pressure range 0.05-06MPA,over 0.6mpa,please install a water pressure release valve
Hot &cold water difference >6:1
Power on/pff by hand sweeping or by touching