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GS08A Steam Generator
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  • Model No.:GS08A
  • Power:3KW—18KW
  • Water Drain:Auto.


GS08A Steam generator

GS08A series include 9 types of machines that output power varies in 3kW,4.5kW,6kw,7.5kw, 9kw,10.5kW,12kW,15kW,18kW,you could choose it according to your requirements.

Control Panel Function


Blueprint for steam generator


Suitable For

GS08A steam generator is equipped with our GS08A/GS08H/S401 digital control panel. You can adjust the temperature of the steam room and set the working time of the steam as you wish. And the system contains a overheat/dry-burnt protection system and a security valve. it could prevent the overheating and assure the steam furnace working at a regular air pressure. It has the reasonable design and working very stable, very convenient to install, healthy and comfortable, is the top grade sauna equipment for the modern family, hotel, restaurant, meeting place and the club. you will be satisfied with the noticeable effects on pain relief, weight control, skin stimulation and stress reduction due to an increased blood circulation got from steam bath.