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GS08M steam generator
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  • Model:GS08M
  • Power:4.5KW-18KW
  • Water drain:Au


GS08M steam generator
GS08M series is available in 4.5kW,6kw,7.5kw, 9kw,10.5kW,12kW,15kW,18kW,the users could choose different KW according to their steam room size. GS08M steam generator comes with GS08M control panel. Multi steam generators can be work together with one control panel, or 2pcs control panels can be work together with one steam generator.

Control Panel


1.using TEFLON coated heating element

2. Overheat protection.

3. Manual and Auto. drain.

4.Multi generators with one control panel.

5.Dual control panels working with one steam generator.

6.CE/TUV certified.

7.Real clock after power off

8.Presentting power on

Steam Generator Accessories


Blueprint for steam generator