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M89 Smart Toilet
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M89 Smart Toilet 

Rated Voltage AC220V 50Hz
Rated power 1450W
Power line length 2.0M
Water pressure range 0.10(dynamic)-0.70Mpa(static)
 Flush water capacity 5.0L 
Waterproof Grade   IPX4
Product Size  LWH:674X403X466(mm) 
Cleaning application   Water pressure control With 4 stage adjustment 
 Water Temperature control With 5 stage adjustment :25℃~40℃
 Water Temperature heating power 1600W 
Safety applicant  Thermal fuse/Thermal protector/Water inlet&outlet temperature detection/flow protection 
Posterior washing  0.4~0.75L/min 
Feminine washing   0.4~0.75L/min 
 Drying application Wind speed  More than 4m/s 
Drying heating power 220W
Wind temperature With 5 stage adjustment:30℃~60℃(can set room temperature)
Safety applicant  Recoverable heat protector/Thermal fuse 
Seat Heating  Heating power  45W 
Seat temperature With 5 stage adjustment:33℃~42℃(can set room temperature)
Buffering function  Electric damping 
 Safety device Recoverable heat protector/Thermal fuse/Temperature closed control 
 Deodorant applicant Deodorant fan power  1.2W 
Deodorant Activated carbon
Remote Control specification LWH:176X62X18(mm) 2pieces alkaline batteries(NO.7)


Soft Night Light

Hip wash/Women wash Nozzle(Independent Nozzle)

Foot sensor to open cover

Intelligent anti-hot seat(TEMP adjustable)

Control Panel
Status LEDS   Display window  Dry  Water pressure“+”
Hip wash   Women wash  Wide-width keys Water pressure“—” 
 Adjust water Temperature Night Light  Flip  Auto Flip 
 Flip Circle Deodorization  Flush/Auto Flush  Wind Temperature 
Seat Temperature  Message/Cleaning  Stop  Backward/Forward 

Blueprint for smart toilet



Packaging & Shipping
Size & KGS: 85×60×72=0.37cbm   59KGS/UNITS
seaworthy carton with foam inside