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IT9081 Smart Toilet
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  • Model No.:IT9081
  • Flush:S-Trap
  • Installation:floor mounted


IT9081 Smart Toilet

1.  Integrated control components, can be replaced as a whole

2.  Optional double

3.  Intelligent control water temperature, seat temperature, air temperature and water flow

4.  With our own designed core parts, manufacture and software control 

5.  All components are certified

6.  5 years experience in Intelligent toilrt industry

7, The night light lighting

8, Automatic operation

9, Control panel

10, Hip cleaning, female cleaning.

11.Instant intelligent heating technology

12,Heated air drying

13, Super swirl mode water saving technology

We use large diameter cleaning spray nozzle, spray, strong washing, and effectively clean all kinds of dirt, and design for cleaning shower nozzle, designed for the female soft water, care of female genitales, give a person the feeling in the palm of the hand.

Control panel

Hip cleanning and female cleaning nozzle


Blueprint for smart toilet