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Sweat it out in the sauna

Many gym memberships come with a perk that is seldom used: sauna. Tucked away at the back of the locker room in a gym, the hot sauna room doesn’t see too many visitors, perhaps because the idea of sweating voluntarily without a good workout might seem silly to some, while to others it may be a luxury offering nothing more than relaxation of the body. Some might even see it as useless and time-consuming. 


A sauna bath, however, comes with many benefits. For one, it can help in weight management. “The heat in a sauna room can increase the pulse rate by about 30%, allowing the heart to nearly double the amount of blood it pumps every minute. Such cardiovascular changes are comparable to the training effects of moderate physical exercise,” 

SUNDREAM company cares about your health, we have four model steam generators,GS08A, GS08M,GS08N and GS08F,each one can satisfy your feelings, and steam generator creats the hot bath can help in weight management, lower blood pressure, even cut the risk of heart disease


It is electric steam generator and wet steam generator, you can adjust the temperature of the sauna room and set the working time of the steam as you wish. And the system contains a overheat/dry-burnt protection system and a security valve. It could prevent the overheating and assure the steam generator working at a regular air pressure. It has the reasonable design and working very stable, very convenient to install, healthy and comfortable, is the top grade sauna equipment for the modern family, hotel, restaurant, meeting place and the club. you will be satisfied with the noticeable effects on pain relief, weight control, skin stimulation and stress reduction due to an increased blood circulation got  from steam bath.

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